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 Is the lifetime offer worth it?

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular in copywriting. 

It can not only save you time in content creation, but also deliver more accurate results.

And today I'm here with another AI content generator - Writecream.

So, is Writecream an effective tool for generating blog posts and IA content? Let's find out!

About Writecream

Writecream is an AI writing assistant founded by Mr. Krittin Kalra in 2021. It's a relatively new AI writer that helps you generate good quality content for your blogs, social networks, emails, ads, and more.

All in all, it's a handy tool for anyone who wants to generate content for multiple platforms but lacks the time to do so!

How does Writecream work?

Writecream runs on the most advanced language prediction model known as Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (or GPT-3). 

It is trained on 175 billion parameters that help it generate realistic and accurate content when fed an instruction.

However, for advanced tools such as e-mail personalization or LinkedIn personalization, they use their own artificial intelligence model combined with GPT-3 to generate more relevant results.

Writecream user interface

Writecream's user interface design is somewhat outdated and obsolete.

  • The left-hand panel displays all account tools and settings.
  • The main screen displays a list of all Writecream use cases. 
  • You can contact their support team via the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Although the interface includes minimal features that seem beginner-friendly, it doesn't feel very responsive. Text sometimes overlaps as you scroll, giving it an overall cluttered appearance.

Writecream lifetime offer

If you're really interested in using this tool for your work, you can check out their lifetime offer on AppSumo.

It comes at an affordable lifetime price of $59. For this price, you get access to 200 monthly credits, over 40 tools, an AI-based article editor and much more.

For more information, check out Writecream's lifetime offer on AppSumo.

Writecream pricing

Writecream offers three premium plans starting at $29 per month. 

The following table compares the functionality of all Writecream plans:

Free Map

Standard plan

Extended Plan

Unlimited Plan (limited-time offer)


0 $/month

49 $/month

69 $/month

29 $/month






Long articles 





Short articles 















Dubbing for YouTube 





Free Map

To get an overview of their AI platform and tools, you can choose a free plan. It is limited to 20 credits (40,000 characters per month). 

With these credits, you can create : 

  • 2 long articles, 
  • 4 short articles, 
  • 20 icebreakers, 
  • 4 podcasts, 
  • 4 dubbings for YouTube videos, etc.

On top of this, you also benefit from chat and e-mail support, as well as access to Writecream's community of AI editors. 

Payment methods

Writecream supports the following payment methods for the purchase of their plans: credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. 

They plan to introduce payment options such as bank transfers and UPI in the future, which is great news!

Refund policy

That's right, Writecream offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can test all their AI tools with complete peace of mind. 

If you're not satisfied, you can cancel your plan within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Writecream features

Writecream is packed with features for bloggers, content creators and businesses.

Let's take a closer look at its main features.


Writecream lets you choose from an extensive list of over 75 languages. 

This includes African, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Hindi and even regional Indian languages.

Multiple language support is ideal for anyone creating content for a specific geographic region.


Unlike other AI-based writing assistants, Writecream doesn't offer tones in its use cases.

You'll find the ability to select tones only in its Long Form editor. It offers tones such as: Appreciative, Casual, Happy, Assertive, Formal, Inspirational, Urgent, etc. 

I hope they'll extend their tones to all their use cases in the future.

Use cases

You'll find a range of use cases on Writecream that fall into different categories. For example:

  • Business owners can use Email Copy, Email Personalization, LinkedIn Personalization, Audio Introduction, and more.
  • Bloggers can use blog post ideas, a blog post outline, a blog post introduction, an instant article writer, SEO meta descriptions, a paragraph generator, a summarizer and more.
  • Advertising copywriters can use PAS copywriting, BAB copywriting, website titles, etc.
  • Social media managers may use captions from publications on social networks, ideas for YouTube video topics, copies of Facebook ads, copies of Google ads, etc.
  • E-commerce site owners may use product descriptions, features with benefits, product reviews, etc.

Writecream offers a wide variety of use cases for many niches. 

However, I haven't found any use cases for creative writing. I hope they'll introduce them soon.

Writecream customer support

Writecream offers customer support via e-mail, live chat and a knowledge base. 

Their live chat support is good, but they take a little longer to respond to queries. For most questions, their answers include links to their knowledge base, which I didn't particularly appreciate.

Their knowledge base contains a limited collection of 6 articles. However, they are written in detail, with screenshots to help beginners understand them easily. 

Their YouTube channel features over 100 practical video tutorials to help beginners get to grips with their platform.


Good products and advertising tools

I found Writecream's product and marketing tools quite impressive. This tool is ideal if you want to generate product reviews, descriptions, advertisements and so on.

Attractive lifetime offer

Writecream's lifetime offer is available on AppSumo for just 59 $ right now. With this offer, you'll have access to 200 credits per month and over 40 artificial intelligence tools. I think it's a great deal at this price.

Powerful long-form text editor

Writecream's long text editor produces elaborate content. I enjoyed both its instant article writer and its guided-step article writer.

Good image generator

Writecream also offers an AI image generator that works incredibly well. It even followed complex instructions and generated an enchanting image!

Impressive genie cat tool

If you have customized AI requests, you can use their ChatGenie tool. While you can't get the conversational power of ChatGPT, it accepts all kinds of requests and generates powerful, captivating content. I've enjoyed using it for fictional content.

Multiple language support

Writecream supports a wide range of over 75 languages, including Hindi and other Indian regional languages. So if you're creating content in a regional language, you'll benefit from this tool.

Practical Chrome extension

The Writecream Chrome extension is pretty handy and efficient for creating content on the go. It lets you use their AI tools directly on your favorite editor to save time.

Create narrations

With Writecream, you can even create narrations of your textual content in different languages and voices. It's an impressive tool that I haven't seen in other AI writers.


Medium output quality

The output generated by Writecream is fairly average in terms of quality, despite the use of GPT-3. In my opinion, most use cases require fine-tuning.

Obsolete user interface

Writecream's user interface is quite old and outdated in terms of design. They need to modernize their website and offer a more interactive and responsive interface.

No output parameters

With this tool, you don't get the basic options for setting output quality and the number of variants. I hope they'll introduce these features soon.

Lack of writing tools

You won't find the main writing tools such as content expansion, content reduction, etc. on Writecream for the time being.

No tone parameters

Tone settings help you adjust the emotion you wish to convey. Unfortunately, Writecream doesn't have the option to specify the tone of your content. I hope they will implement it in future updates.


Writecream is an AI-based authoring platform that's pretty good at generating product and marketing content. They also have a powerful long-form content generator. However, they still need to work on their social media and blogging tools, and their interface.

You can view its lifetime offer available at 59 $ on AppSumo.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this Writecream review.

Have you ever used other paid or free AI content generators? What was your experience with them? Let me know in the comments section below.

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