The 7 best AI optimization tools for SEO

Harness the power of sophisticated AI tools for your SEO. This can significantly simplify the search engine optimization of your content.

What is an AI-powered SEO tool?

An AI-powered SEO tool is software that uses artificial intelligence to automate and improve various aspects of your search engine optimization.

3 key benefits of AI-powered SEO tools 

  • Scalable data analysis : AI tools for SEO quickly dissect vast data sets, providing in-depth insights for the development of superior SEO strategy.

  • Targeted recommendations : AI-powered tools offer concrete suggestions for improving keyword optimization, content relevance and SEO scores.

  • Efficient automation : AI automates common SEO tasks, saving time and freeing up resources to make strategic decisions based on the information provided by the I


SEO tool




Quality AI-generated content, valuable keywords.




Optimized content, improved visibility.




Revolutionary analysis, enhanced scope.




Creation of captivating, optimized content.




Crawl analysis, improved visibility.




Automatic problem detection, crawlability.




Simplified SEO, automated link optimization.

$$ - Your premium AI platform for SEO

URL : offers superior SEO content. It uses proprietary algorithms and analyzes Google SERPs to find valuable keywords and create optimized content. The result: a significant increase in organic traffic with little human intervention. It works seamlessly in over 50 languages, adapting effectively to a global audience.

HubSpot - The AI-driven maestro for content strategy


HubSpot's AI functionality is excellent for content strategy. It optimizes blog posts and landing pages for better search engine visibility. AI components simplify the creation of high-performance SEO content that appeals to your audience, helping to convert leads.

SemRush - The essential AI solution for competitive SEO analysis


SemRush revolutionizes keyword research and competitive analysis with AI. Its AI capabilities deliver rich insights from extensive data, giving you a competitive edge in a saturated digital landscape. It also optimizes the reach and engagement of your content.

ChatGPT - The AI conversationalist revolutionizing content creation


ChatGPT is primarily an AI-driven conversational model, but its capabilities can also be used to generate keyword-optimized content. It understands and generates human-like text, which can support your SEO efforts. With it, you can create captivating, high-quality content that reinforces your content strategy.

Botify - The pioneering AI simulator for search engine crawl analysis


Botify uses AI to simulate the journey of search engine spiders through your website. This unique feature offers valuable insight into your site's performance, identifying potential technical SEO issues and areas for improvement. As a result, your site remains optimized for better search engine visibility.

DeepCrawl - The AI detective for technical SEO problems


Lumar (formerly DeepCrawl) uses AI to automatically detect and solve technical SEO problems. Its machine-learning algorithms enable in-depth analysis of your website. As a result, your site is easily crawled, indexed and compliant with the expectations of search engine algorithms.

Inlinks - Your AI tool for entity SEO


Inlinks uses AI to simplify SEO and content creation. This tool enables you to automatically optimize internal links and improve content on a massive scale. As a result, you improve search engine readability and user satisfaction.

Strategic stage

AI tool for SEO


Define objectives and target audience, HubSpot, SemRush

Articulate SEO objectives and define target personas.

Website analysis and technical referencing

Botify, DeepCrawl

Use Botify for simulations and DeepCrawl to solve technical SEO problems

Competitor analysis


Use SemRush and for in-depth competitor analysis and market positioning.

Keyword research and optimization

Leverage for comprehensive keyword exploration derived from SERPs and content optimization.

Content strategy and creation

HubSpot, ChatGPT,

Designing an effective content strategy with HubSpot. Using ChatGPT and to produce engaging, SEO-rich content.

Internal linking and entity referencing


Use Inlinks and to optimize internal links and apply entity SEO.

Follow-up and adjustment

All tools

Continuously monitor and fine-tune your SEO strategy based on performance analyses from all our tools.

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