6 New ChatGPT features

OpenAI, the company behind the cutting-edge ChatGPT language model, has announced six new features in the latest version to enhance interaction with users.

This new list of features comes a day after ChatGPT Plus users noticed the disappearance of the popular Link Reader plugin.

It includes sample prompts and file downloads.

And with GPT-4 as the new default setting, longer connection times and suggested answers, make AI even more user-friendly.

These enhancements, scheduled for roll-out over the next week, aim to optimize the user experience by offering several new features and usability improvements.

1- Examples of prompts

Now, initiating a new conversation with ChatGPT can be a more intuitive process, thanks to the introduction of sample prompts.

Users often find a blank screen intimidating, leading to difficulties in starting a dialogue. To alleviate this, ChatGPT will offer sample prompts at the start of a new conversation, guiding users towards engaging discussions.

2- Suggested answers

Another new element is "suggested answers". 

OpenAI aims to enrich the dialogue by providing relevant options for further discussion.

Users can explore a subject in greater depth with a single click, making interactions with the AI model more dynamic and versatile.

3- GPT-4 as Default Model

ChatGPT is also catching up with its latest template version, GPT-4, the new default template for Plus users offering a limit of 50 messages every three hours.

Users will not default back to GPT-3.5 when they start a new conversation. Remembering previously selected templates can streamline user interactions, helping to save time and add convenience.

4- Upload 10 files to the code interpreter

The beta version of the code interpreter, available to all Plus users, now offers an intriguing capability: up to ten downloaded files.

For example, you can analyze keywords exported from Semrush directly from ChatGPT. 

This new Code Interpreter capability opens up new possibilities for in-depth marketing analysis and data extraction.

5- Stay Connected Longer

Login experiences have been redesigned. Users will stay logged in for longer, as the previous two-week automatic logout policy has been abandoned.

What's more, the new login page is more welcoming and user-friendly.

6- Keyboard shortcuts for ChatGPT

Finally, the introduction of keyboard shortcuts, such as ⌘ (Ctrl) + Shift + C to copy a block of code, aims to speed up work.

A full list of shortcuts can be viewed by pressing ⌘ (Ctrl) + /, improving productivity and making ChatGPT more accessible to all users.


The SEO and digital marketing communities rely on tools like ChatGPT to help generate content, perform analysis and streamline workflows.

Improvements in usability and functionality can significantly increase productivity and efficiency, benefiting SEO strategists, content marketers and other professionals who depend on this tool.

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