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The content generation tool
AI for Wordpress

WP Generator is an automated content generator for WordPress offering unrivalled value for money, combining ease of installation with maximum efficiency.

Discover the WP Generator Revolution

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WP Generator: Boost the results of your SEO strategies

Optimization, savings and automation: everything you're looking for in a single plugin.

Unlimited generation on all your sites

WP Generator makes it easy to automate the creation of high-quality content for all your WordPres sites.

The cheapest plugin on the market

WP Generator offers exceptional value for money. More than just a content generator, it's the cheapest plugin on the market.

100% automatic

Installing WP Generator is quick and requires no technical skills. It's the perfect solution for those looking for simplicity and efficiency.


quality to rank on Google!

  • Customized and Optimized Content : Thanks to artificial intelligence, WP Generator can create content tailored to the specific needs of each user.
  • Flexibility and Creativity: With customizable prompts at 100%, WP Generator offers total freedom in terms of tone, style and subject.
  • Multilingual efficiency : WP Generator enables content to be created in over 20 languages, providing global reach and overcoming language barriers for a stronger international presence.

Use automation to create numerous SEO strategies

  • 100% automatic website creation : WP Generator's ability to automatically generate large quantities of content means you can build sites quickly (PBN, affiliation, lead generation, local...).
  • Cost optimization : Outsourcing or hiring writers to produce large quantities of content can be costly. With WP Generator's ability to automatically generate bulk content, the costs associated with content creation are dramatically reduced, offering greater profitability.
  • Diversification and breadth of content : By generating content in large quantities, you can cover a variety of niches and topics, enabling greater reach and traffic diversification, essential for stability and growth in the world of black hat SEO.

WP Generator: Your Number 1 Asset for a Profitable Web Strategy

  • WP Generator for Affiliate Marketing : Quickly generate quality content for your affiliate sites, increasing your chances of conversions and revenues.
  • Monetize with Link Sales : Diversify your offers with WP Generator and position yourself as a leader in backlink sales.
  • The ideal tool for PBNs : Make it easy to create Private Blog Networks with automated content, boosting your SEO and online visibility.
  • Accelerate the Success of Your E-commerce : Integrate WP Generator and automate the generation of your product sheets for a high-performance, optimized e-commerce.

Test WP Generator
for just €1

Discover the power of WP Generator for €1 for 7 days and join the ranks of those who have already adopted it!

Monthly subscription

Discover a revolution with WP Generator: 30 days to harness its full power!

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited content
  • Single and bulk generation
  • Multilingual (over 20 languages)
  • Customizable prompts
  • Access to all updates


No commitment, cancellable at any time.

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Trial offer

The offer that lets you test the power of WP Generator for 7 days for just... €1!

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited content
  • Single and bulk generation
  • Multilingual (over 20 languages)
  • Customizable prompts
  • Access to all updates

1 for 7 days

No commitment, cancellable at any time.

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Quarterly subscription 

Already won over by WP Generator? Get 3 months of privileged access with an exceptional offer!

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited content
  • Single and bulk generation
  • Multilingual (over 20 languages)
  • Customizable prompts
  • Access to all updates

171€ 136€ /Quarter

No commitment, cancellable at any time.

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Getting started with WP Generator

From installation to mastery, WP Generator makes every step easier.

  • Simplicity and automation: WP Generator is easy to install, 100% automatic and suitable for Wordpress.
  • Training included : Get a 2-hour training course to master WP Generator from A to Z as soon as you download it.

Quick setup with WP Generator

Integrate, activate and optimize your site in no time.

  • Ready to use : Start using the plugin immediately after adding your license, with no delays or complications.
  • Tap into your full potential: With your license in place, take advantage of all the features you need to deploy your SEO strategies.

SEO strategies with WP Generator

Adapt and personalize your content according to your strategic needs.

  • Generation Flexibility: Choose between single or mass content creation, depending on your SEO strategy.
  • Keyword configuration : Use WP Generator to cover a wide range of keywords and boost your search engine visibility.
  • Find the best strategies: Use WP Generator to run dozens of tests on various sites, exploring different themes and monetizations, to identify the most profitable strategies.

SEO excellence with WP Generator

Master optimization, automation and diversification for unrivalled performance.

  • Ranking optimization : Use WP Generator content and benefit from a site that's ready to rank at the top of search engines.
  • Strategic Automation : Plan and automate your content strategy for consistent, effective SEO growth.
  • Portfolio diversification : Create multiple sites with WP Generator to secure your income and avoid dependence on a single source.

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Getting started with WP Generator has never been so affordable.

Take advantage of an unprecedented offer: access WP Generator for just €1 for 7 days! A unique opportunity to discover its incredible features without delay.

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Contact our team

If you have any questions about WP Generator, our team is at your disposal. Our mission is to help you make the most of WP Generator to produce top-notch content and boost your SEO.

Contact us directly via our website or by e-mail; we are committed to assisting you promptly and efficiently.

Any questions?

See our FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions about WP Generator.

Is WP Generator unlimited?

Yes, with WP Generator you benefit from unlimited content generation for all your sites, with no restrictions.

Are there any other offers available for WP Generator?

No, there's only one complete package for WP Generator, so you don't need to worry about choosing between different options.


Is it a one-off payment or a subscription?

WP Generator works on a no-obligation subscription basis. You have access to all features after purchase. If you wish to cancel, simply send us an email or contact Romain directly.

What's the difference between TBL Generator and WP Generator?

TBL Generator is a tool proposed by Romain Pirotte for members of his community, while WP Generator is a powerful AI content generation tool for Wordpress, designed to improve your SEO and which is the worthy successor to TBL Generator.

How many sites can I use with my license?

With your WP Generator license, you can use the tool on all your websites without limitation. However, please note that there is a 24-hour time limit for transferring the license from one site to another, to prevent abuse & group buy. Once this period has elapsed, you can generate unlimited content on the new site.

Is there a limit to the amount of content you can generate?

No, there's no limit to the amount of content you can generate with WP Generator. Once you've entered your OpenAI API key, you can create as much content as you like.

Can I use WP Generator for link sales, affiliation or other businesses?

Yes, WP Generator can be used for link selling, affiliation and other types of business. What's more, WP Generator supports multiple languages, enabling you to reach an international audience. Let your imagination run wild and make the most of the possibilities offered by WP Generator.

Can I create my own generation prompts?

Yes, with WP Generator you can create your own customized generation prompts. So you can tailor the content to your needs and creativity.

Can I create content in a language other than French?

Yes, WP Generator supports over 20 different languages. You can create content in the language of your choice to reach an international audience.

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